What does FTC offer?

The Frisco Triathlon Club is a premier fitness group that supports and caters to athletes from beginner to advanced triathlete.  FTC promotes a fun and healthy love of the sport while also emphasizing family and giving back to our community.

  • Two BTD’s a year (Big Training days)

  • FTC shirt included with membership

  • Swim, bike and run workouts (FTC Facebook Page)

  • Spring/Summer social and Holiday social catered by FTC

  • Weekend/weekday bike rides for all paces (FTC Facebook Page)

  • Member-only discounts to races – Dallas Athletes Racing, Playtri, Redman, Buffalo Springs, Texas Big Star, Tri Now Endurance, Oilman

  • Member-only discounts from our sponsors (Relax Myora, Tri Shop, Velofix, North Texas Crossfit, BASE, I Love My Bike Transport, Keystone Mortgage, Cake Agent, Rudy Project, Roka, Playtri, PMST)

Seasonal Options
(See FTC members only FaceBook group for details)

  • Tuesday track workouts (Mar-Nov)

  • OWS with kayak support (Apr-Oct)

  • Weekend rides that accommodate all levels (Mar-Oct)

  • ​Saturday/Sunday long runs during off season (Aug-Mar)

  • Family Friendly Event’s

Not sure if you want to Join? Try us out before you join. Sign “The Waiver“, we have a 3 workout trial before being required to join.  If you’d like to give us a try,

All Members or Trial Members Must sign the Waiver
2022 Waiver



4 thoughts on “What does FTC offer?

  1. I renewed! Sincerely #TheUnicorn

    1. Renewed.. . And signed up for a few things that will force me out of my comfort zone. Also turning 40 in January so I fully expect FTC to be a big part of this year!

  2. I believed I have paid my membership for 2020.
    I keep getting e-mails that I need to renew my membership.

  3. Officially a member. Let’s ride!

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