Sansom 66

Postponed! Not sure of the new date yet but we will post it up as soon as we know. Mother Nature is being a pain still.

Is this the toughest endurance mountain bike event in North Texas? Many will attempt it, few will complete it. Time restrictions are tight, margin for error is slim and the course is difficult. Sansom Park is NOT your typical urban mountain bike trail. 1500′ of elevation per each 11+ mile lap through loose rock climbs and descents and nary a straightaway over 200 feet long. The trail is fun and challenging and we’re doing almost every bit of it!

Field is limited to a maximum of 100 participants. Event will be rescheduled if weather creates an issue. No refunds but entries can be transferred at no charge if your plans change.

This is a distance event with a timed cutoff(s) not a timed endurance event.

Solo (Elite) Century of 6 laps but with a cutoff based on 90 minute laps (must begin 6th lap by 4:30 pm). 6 laps is going to be very tough to complete. You don’t have to be Pro or Cat 1 to participate but we recommend this field only to experienced single track endurance racers based on the technical difficulty of the course.

Solo (Sport) Half Century of 3 laps with no cutoff time. 3 laps in a day will be plenty tough for most mortals. This should be an extremely well rounded field.

2 Person Relay (Men, Women, Co-ed) 6 laps with a cutoff based on 90 minute laps. Relayers must alternate laps so each rider must ride 3 laps for the team to complete the course. No individual rider will be allowed to ride consecutive laps.

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