• Will Hood

    Will Hood

    Will Hood is out first Athlete Spotlight ever!  His amazing story is here!

    What first interested you in the sport of triathlon?
    I think I have always been in awe of triathletes. The ability to swim, bike, and run as triathletes do amazes me and still does. The speed and endurance! Wow.

    Tell us a little about your first triathlon.
    My first tri was the Cooper Sprint. Did it mostly because a coworker challenged me. I finished and was immediately bitten by the tri bug.

    Who motivates you the most in life?
    My parents are a very large influence. I love and owe them so much. I also look a lot to historical figures who have sacraficed for the good of our future. Be it healthcare, business, spirituality, politics, athletes, community. List goes on. But, it is my God whom I speak to daily!

    Who is your biggest supporter?
    My biggest support…family. and by family I include those who may not be blood related but those who care. I need/soak it all in.

    Most embarrassing race moment? 
    Embarrassing race moment came at Texasman, coming out of the water Kristen Codish volunteered as a stripper nearly stripped more than my wet suit. Add salt to the embarrassing wound I saw her on the run and she and I had a little laugh.

    What are your triathlon goals for the upcoming years?
    Goals for me are simple….do better than the year before.

    Words of wisdom for new triathletes? 
    Words to new athlete….join a tri club. Stephanie Mello and Valerie Gross introduced me to FTC and I can safely say it has been one of the best decision for my personal improvement not only as an athelete but as a person. Really genuine people.

  • Posted by Valeri Gross on May 23, 2017 at 10:33 AM

    WILL ROCKS!!!!


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